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Modem Doctor helps you find and correct many common configuration and installation errors. Using a simple menu-driven interface, even a novice can troubleshoot and repair over 60 different installation or setup problems with modems and uarts.
Modem Doctor is a modem utility that helps you to find and correct installation errors.
Since each operating system places different demands on modems, each version of Modem Doctor is designed to work in conjunction with its environment. The DOS version interrogates serial ports, interrupt controllers, and uarts at the system board level while the Win31 and Win95 versions are designed to check Windows settings and proper communication between your modem/serial ports and the system comm driver.







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Modem Doctor is a modem utility that helps you to find and correct installation errors.
Using a simple menu-driven interface, even a novice can troubleshoot and repair over 60 different installation or setup problems with modems and uarts.

Modem Doctor includes features similar to e.g. a control panel, service and diagnostic tools.

There are two main parts of the application. The first is for troubleshooting an
error – if you find something wrong with the modem (hardware or software) you can
select the error’s type, click either ‘check’ or’repair’ and use the available
options on the ‘how to’ menu to resolve the error. Modem Doctor can fix many common
modem problems and errors in five categories:

– Modems not properly configured – modem e.g. not attached to your computer at all

– Wrong modem selected – select the modem’s type and click the ‘check’ button

– Communication problems – where the modem either cannot initialize with your computer
or indicates a communication error

– General problems – e.g. missing files or incorrect file versions

– Hardware problems – e.g. bad connection, missing files, obsolete (not working)

The second part of the application is the main screen, from which you can select
the errors to be checked or repaired. In addition, your selection can be saved and
used for later configurations or repairs. A feature not included in other similar
troubleshooting solutions is the ability to let Modem Doctor treat the selected
errors in the background while you use your computer normally.

The interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible, so the user does not
need special knowledge to succeed. The following features are included:

– Help – basic help, example screens for most errors

– Status bar – one or two lines of information are listed on the right side of
the screen, giving an overview of the error status.

– Back -‘return to previous screen’.

– Exit -‘return to the main screen’.

– Reset – click here to reset the application to a default state. A special feature
is the ability to start the application without the correct configuration, as
soon as you click the reset button. For example, you may now test the selected
errors without the need to configure anything first.

The main screen is divided into three parts. The

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Finds and fixes installation errors
Remotely performs tests on your modems
Provides detailed, step-by-step instructions on each test
Recovers messages sent through your modem
Checks serial port settings
Recovers modem IDs
Finds and repairs serial port connections
Determines configuration and setup errors
Checks for modem interrupt and DTMF tone codes
Recover missing drivers, devices, and incorrect modem setup
Recovers serial port communications and modem status
Resolves all modem installation errors
Kills modem drivers
Checks modem BIOS settings
Saves modem and system device settings when properly configured
Recovers information from crashed, incorrect, or removed modem

Modem Doctor Download

How to install Modem Doctor?
After downloading file, you can install it like any other Windows® utility.

Download link For Modem Doctor

To download Modem Doctor, click on the Download link.
After clicking download link you will be redirected to Modem Doctor page.
Click on Modem Doctor from Add or Remove Programs list.
Select Modem Doctor from the list and click Install button.
Click Modem Doctor after installation completes successfully.

Note: You need Administrator rights to run Modem Doctor.
To get it, click Start button, go to Run option and type mmc and click OK to open Microsoft Management Console.
In the left side, Click on Computer Management and in the left side, click Local Administrative Tools and Open Local Security Policy.
Under Local Security Policy click on Local Policies and double-click on User Rights Assignment.
Right click on User Rights Assignment and click on Assign.
In Access the Users or Groups dialog, add a new user and in the Properties dialog, assign them a fixed Drive E:\ and full control.
Close the dialog and exit the Local Security Policy.
Finally, go back to Windows and restart your system.
If this utility runs successfully, Modem Doctor icon will be added in your system tray and your uart communication problems will be resolved,
You can run Modem Doctor Utility by clicking on Modem Doctor Icon.

Modem Doctor Components

Modem Doctor is a utility for Windows that retrieves information from various components within the operating system.
In Windows, there are many methods for connecting modem to serial port. Modem and serial port are very helpful devices that allow us to connect to network and dial up the Internet. However, often, Modem and/

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Modem Doctor is a comprehensive modem software suite.
It includes ‘Doctor’ and ‘Solver’ modules.
The ‘Doctor’ module allows the detection of configuration problems with modems in 32 and 64-bit Windows systems.
Modem Doctor can retrieve and correct modem or serial port configuration settings and provides diagnostic information on errors that might have prevented proper setup and operation.
The ‘Solver’ module contains a variety of modem profile tests and utilities to assist in modem self-test and configuration.
For each recognized modem’s modem profile, Modem Doctor provides a test interface and utility to generate trace patterns to help identify and correct installation errors.
Besides assisting you to configure modems, Modem Doctor can also fix those configuration errors that may cause problems with driver, startup and installation.
Those configuration problems include serial port configuration, ir communication, autoconfig serial port,..etc.
For more details, please refer to Modem Doctor (Word).
Modem Doctor Software Features:
The modem software can communicate with modems and other communication devices.
It can discover and retrieve serial port configurations, configure modems, detect installation errors, generate trace patterns, verify port faults, correct port faults, re-configure modems, re-initialize configuration and or startup.
Modem Doctor can work in Windows 2000/XP 32 and 64 bit systems.
In Windows 2000/XP, Modem Doctor can verify and repair serial port configurations.
When Windows automatically detects a serial port, Modem Doctor generates a trace pattern which includes the results of modem profile tests.
It can detect and repair serial port fault conditions, fix serial port problems and correct bad port characteristics.
With a trace pattern, the Modem Doctor can verify and repair modem configurations in multiple ways, including:
– Check for and determine if a modem test pattern is normal, test pattern is corrupted, or is unsuccessful.
– Verify modem channel characteristics.
– Detect and repair configuration errors.
– Enable or disable modem self-test.
– Enable or disable modem status and diagnostic codes.
– Re-initialize and test modem.
Additionally, if Modem Doctor discovers that a modem is malfunctioning, it will generate a trace pattern and present the results to you for immediate analysis and resolution.
For the users of MS-DOS, Modem Doctor can communicate to any serial port.
Modem Doctor is independent of your modem, so it can test other devices such as ISDN adapters, analog modem,

What’s New In?

This utility will help to check whether the modem is properly installed, whether the modem is connected to the correct serial port, etc.If the parameters of the modem installation are incorrect, the utility will detect the problem and report the error. You can edit the configuration settings for the specified modem for the maximum flexibility in error correction.

It works as follows:

Initiates the check of installed modem.
From the modem list you can configure the parameters of the modem to be checked.
If the connection mode is incorrect, Modem Doctor will try to configure the modem to use other possible communication methods.
The data to be transmitted to the modem can be specified as a file.
You can check the transmission parameters of the modem to be checked.
Modem Doctor can verify the print quality of the modem, and check the modem line for the possible presence of an impulse noise.
Modem Doctor can check the synchronous character counter.
Modem Doctor can check the status of the exchange.
If the connection is not possible, it will report the error message.
The program can detect the communication method of the modem on a startup installation.
There is an option to use a word-based command mode. This option is useful in cases where the MS-DOS version of the program lacks a “command” mode because of lack of enough memory.
You can add new serial ports and change the settings for the serial port, such as baud rate and parity.
Modem Doctor can work on all types of serial ports.
Modem Doctor can work with and update all versions of Modems.

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