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With the abundance of multimedia products flourishing in a wide array of genres, enthusiasts might want to keep track of prefered ones in organized collections. Developers came up with specialized applications so you can create movie collections or quickly look up titles in existing, popular databases online, which is the case with MovieFX.
Can be used on the go
The application comes in a pretty lightweight package and you don't even have to install it on your system. This means that you can store in on a USB Flash drive and use on the go, while requiring Java Runtime Environment to run increases flexibility.
Look up movie titles online
One closer look at the application though, quickly makes you change your mind, because you'd expect a little bit more. Sure, accommodation isn't a problem thanks to the simple design, which only splits your workspace into a search panel, browser and preview section.
As a result, you get thorough info, if available, for any movie you write down in the search field. The application looks up your title online, but the target website is not displayed and nor can you change it. The design isn't that polished either, with not enough space to display several details even if not abundant.
Watch trailers at the press of a button
In addition, you can go ahead and hit the “Watch trailer” to pop up your default web browser with the corresponding short presentation. If you're not exactly sure if a movie is the one you're looking for there's an option to quickly grab similar movies.
Far from being a pro
But what's most disappointing is the complete absence of any form of export options. So by the time you close the application, you won't be able to go through history of search criteria, not to mention saving reports based on ratings, date, or genre, for instance.
Last but not least, functionality suffers from poor implementation as well. This has a direct impact on the overall loading speed which either seems to last forever or fail to grab several movie related details.
To sum it up
All things considered, we come to the conclusion that MovieFX started off on the right foot, but managed to lose balance somewhere along the way. The application quickly returns title search, and a decent amount of details are displayed, but the online database it uses for results is somewhat shallow. It would have also been nice to be able to generate custom lists or bookmark titles. Overall, the app is on the right track, but could use a little more work.

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From its very beginning, MovieFX, like other similar applications on the market, was designed to help you track movies in one place. The basic concept and overall design of the application is simple. There is an option to fill a movie title in the search field, which is then immediately shown on the preview page. Below you can go through results or watch trailer.
As previously mentioned, MovieFX offers a simple user interface. The application has minimalistic design and it should be pretty straightforward to use. As far as on the go usage goes, users are not forced to deal with installing the application on their system. It is a rather lightweight app and you can store it on a USB Flash Drive and use it while on the move. That doesn’t require to download any additional software as well.
From a functionality perspective, MovieFX is not an entirely premium-like app. You are limited to make searches, and find similarities between a few movies. Moreover, there is no exporting options available.
MovieFX Download:
MovieFX is a freeware application, which can be easily downloaded from the official website. As soon as you launch the app you will be taken to a simple layout with two main sections: search and preview.
Search: You can input a movie title in the search field and it is then immediately shown on the preview page. Below you can choose to look through results or simply watch a movie trailer. You can also set a default movie source and modify it on the search page.
Preview: After a movie title has been successfully located, you get to see a preview of it. Here you can decide if you want to watch a trailer or simply look through the details. It is also possible to save your preferences to the application in order to make searches easier.
MovieFX Review:
MovieFX is a simple application, which seems to be designed mainly to help users keep track of movies that they might want to watch or obtain. Despite being a freeware application, the app offers the basic functionality you might expect to find in a premium application. Users should note that there is no online database used by the application which might hurt its overall performance. As a result, you get limited search functionality and no export options, which are essential for organizing collections.

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What can MovieFX do for you?
* Quickly find any movie in your collection* Completely customizable interface* Fast, lightweight and easy to use* Can be used on the go
How to use it?
First you must install the application on your system. After that, you can start using it right away. You can get all the needed information just by typing in a title you have in mind.
If you like it, you can get more details by pressing the arrow next to the search field. MovieFX will look for the movie in a database that is installed on your system. You can also quickly change the target website if needed.
You can also watch previews for a specific movie by clicking on the Watch Trailer button.
Next to the settings there are a few other helpful options. You can manage how many details you want to display for a specific movie. You can also quickly find similar movies based on titles, date, ratings or genres.
Key Features:
* Customizable interface
* Quick search
* Watch trailers at the press of a button
* Manage your collection
* Online database of movie information
* Sync your search to IMDb
* Create a watchlist. In this case, I was not aware that I’d be up there for 2 weeks…

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What’s New in the MovieFX?

The MovieFX video collection manager is used to track all your movie collections.
Key Features:
'- Import local and online movie collection
'- Watch movie trailers at the press of a button
'- Track and organize your movie collection
'- Quickly create, delete and edit collections
'- Find similar movies
'- Generate reports based on your movie collection
Additional Information:
MovieFX is a free application that requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6 or higher.

MovieFX Review:
MovieFX Video Collection Manager
Reviewed by:
Drew Deeley,
PC Advisor,
February 23, 2011

Zombies ‘n’ Butterflies
Lame but free
In the year of our lord 2010, I was growing increasingly fed up with the various Adobe-based video players that claim to be “the best” but have so many irritatingly annoying quirks. My biggest problem with most of the various players was that you have to unzip your video after you open the file, and then go through an unwieldy process to import the unzipped folder into your player. This usually means moving all your other files to a new folder that is not in your video directory (and probably not in the same drive where you have your player installed).
So, after trying at least half a dozen different video players, I decided to write my own.
The problem with writing your own video player is that it takes a lot of time. It would be great if I could just write a line of code that would do it for me. It would probably go something like this:

(A lame script just wrote itself. Now, go to bed!)
Well, I’m no Java programmer, so I actually spent a lot of time researching video player libraries before writing my own. What I ended up writing took no time at all. It only took me four hours.
It’s actually written in C++. I’m so big on C++ that I named it “C++”. The first time I tried to compile it, I got an error that said:

1. No errors detected

So, I looked it up in the documentation and it turns out I had to include before I could compile. Who knew! What a discovery! So, after compiling, I ran it.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher
8 GB system memory
2 GB or more of free hard disk space
4 GB or more of video RAM
Windows® Media Center® version 10.2
Webcam software (Windows Live ID required, not included)
Internet connection
About the Author
The Author
Bjorn Lindgren is a professional engineer and a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, with over 25 years of experience in engineering and development, computer systems, and training in software. He has worked with Web applications, Mobile Applications, distributed and main

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