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NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro gives you the power to easily enable and disable kernel mode drivers. It doesn't include complex options or configuration parameters, making it accessible to all types of users.
View kernel driver information
After a short setup operation without important events, you are welcomed by a user-friendly interface made from a regular window with a clear-cut structure, where you can consult a list with kernel mode drives and find out the date and time, PC users, driver, image base and size, publisher, description, and MD5 checksum for each file.
Manage drivers, password-protect the app, view log details
It is possible to create and manage a whitelist, open log files with the recorded program activity, ask the tool to copy the driver files to a specific location on the disk and to skip system drivers, as well as password-protect the app and set permissions (exit, show main window, disable real-time protection, change the protection mode).
Configure program settings easily
In addition, NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro shows balloon hints when the drivers are loaded or blocked, but any of these options may be disabled. Otherwise, you can exclude any file and administer them later.
The tool is also capable of playing sound alerts when drivers are blocked, restore the lockdown or last permanently enabled protection mode by default, run at every Windows startup until further notice, minimize to the tray are when started manually, and so on.
Evaluation and conclusion
We haven't encountered any unpleasant issues in our tests as far as stability is concerned, thanks to the fact that NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro didn't freeze, crash or pop up error messages. Its impact on system performance was minimal, using low CPU and RAM, and its responsiveness level was very good.
All in all, NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro delivers a simple and effective solution to allowing, denying and, overall managing kernel mode drivers.







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Driver Spy is a utility designed to gather, analyze and report on driver information for Windows systems. The core functionality of Driver Spy includes the ability to quickly scan the system to detect whether or not a driver exists for a given device.
With just a few clicks, Driver Spy will display a list of drivers for any device on the system, making it fast and easy to identify drivers for any device.
If you’re working with a large collection of drivers, Driver Spy can also help you to quickly identify the installed driver for any given device, helping you to troubleshoot and monitor device issues.
By utilizing the latest technologies and features, the package will help you to quickly and easily identify and evaluate any drivers that are installed on your system.

Driver Scanner is a Windows application to scan your system to detect any version of a given device driver. It performs a quick scan and analyzes installed drivers using a report that is generated and written to a text file.

NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro Crack For Windows Key Features:

Intuitive user interface

One-click solution for all drivers and anti-malware applications

Installs fast to remove unwanted drivers and other malware

High-performance and detailed reports

Runs at every Windows startup

Comes as portable (self-extracting) software

Finds and blocks dangerous drivers

Prevention of system instability and security risks

Controls the drivers on your computer and PC security

Adds drivers to a list of safe drivers

Able to detect and remove all unwanted drivers

Can detect and remove unsafe drivers

One-click solution for all drivers and antivirus applications

Scans your computer for unneeded drivers

Refreshes the list of installed drivers

Displays real-time status of all detected devices

Download NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro Free Download

Once you’ve installed the NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro you can run it either as a stand-alone program or as a virtual gadget in your Antivirus program.
The former can be found under the following path C:\Program Files\NoVirusThanks\Driver Radar Pro. If you’re running Driver Radars as a gadget it will be located in your Antivirus program as a separate item.
The new version of the NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro is better than ever and includes some nice new features and improvements. It is much faster than the old version with the same functionality.

NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro Crack [Win/Mac]

Install/uninstall/regenerate driver list.
Import/export driver file list.
Get driver information such as Date and Time, PC Users, driver, image base, size, publisher, description and MD5 checksum.
Hide/show the balloon tip when the drivers are loaded or blocked.
Restore the lockdown or last permanently enabled protection mode by default.
Close the log file.
Show the main window when run manually.
Eliminate any file by name.
Copy the driver file to the specified folder.
Skip the system drivers.
Restore to the default settings.
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NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro

NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro is a simple, reliable and user-friendly tool that enables and disables kernel mode drivers without affecting system performance.

Automate the process of uninstalling unwanted programs. This free download can scan your computer’s installed software and display all programs that are unwanted and have not been uninstalled.

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About NoVirusThanks NoVirusThanks is a program that shows all the drivers which might have the ability to be dangerous on your computer. The program was made to be as simple as possible, but at the same time it can be used to filter out all those junk and clean drivers that you are using, and only keep those that are safe for your system.

DriverCare – Driver Information and Database for Windows NT/2000/XP.
DriverCare is an information about all the installed devices and drivers in your computer.
It helps you to solve many device and driver issues: with Device Manager, device properties, device help, driver assistance, and full windows drivers.

Use VirusBarrier X2.0 to quickly determine the status of installed antivirus and other security software. VirusBarrier X2.0 is a simple, easy-to-use, fast and powerful yet extremely efficient tool to scan your entire hard disk drive, so you can quickly see whether you have installed any rogue antivirus programs and other security software on your PC and, if you do, to clean them up.

When you remove all active malicious software programs from your computer, you leave behind a lot of junk. With an ever-increasing number of counterfeit products and fraudulent websites out there, it’s important that we protect ourselves from a wide variety of software and operating system threats that may infiltrate our computers, laptops, PDAs, tablets, and mobile phones., 1st of May 2012. We are a leading

What’s New In NoVirusThanks Driver Radar Pro?


NoVirusThanks Driver Shield is a solution that will help you to protect your machine from infections by generic and virus-specific drivers. It lets you eliminate unknown drivers, notify you about changes in the drivers and provide detailed info about each of them.
The main task of Driver Shield is to intercept the attempts of unauthorized drivers to modify the existing ones. It stops them from loading the necessary files and, as a consequence, protects your system from viruses and modifications by third-party developers.
Details and features of NoVirusThanks Driver Shield

Driver Shield allows you to temporarily block the loading of a particular driver or to automatically disable it after a certain time. In addition, it provides a detailed description of each detected driver and provides you with a list of all installed drivers.

Moreover, you can review the following information:

– Date and time of the last modification of the file.
– The operating system on which the driver was installed.
– The total size of the file.
– The publisher of the file.
– An analysis of the detected driver.
– Various options for protection of the app.

Furthermore, Driver Shield has an integrated alarm system that informs you of the failure of blocked drivers. This will help you to be informed about the changes in the drivers and to see whether a new file has been loaded or a driver has been changed. It can be an effective tool for detecting the presence of viruses in new drivers.

The app uses a very simple interface and doesn't require any user-specific settings. It can be operated using its Help menu.

NOTE: The default file location is saved on your computer.

How to use NoVirusThanks Driver Shield

1. Launch the application, choose NoVirusThanks Driver Shield in the list of installed applications and click on the OK button.
2. If the application shows an error, check your Internet connection and try again.

What's new in version 2.0

NoVirusThanks Driver Shield 2.0 brings an improved interface and more convenient settings. The new version of the application allows you to specify a new location for the app, change the default options, or close all opened files.

NoVirusThanks Driver Shield is an easy-to-use utility that makes it easy to manage all installed drivers, quickly and safely.

The most difficult part of the process is to eliminate the drivers that you do not need. The best thing to do is to select the unused ones and, when needed, to activate them.

In addition, you can easily perform the following functions:

– Download, install and update the drivers (via the Internet or via local media).
– Delete or uninstall the drivers that were installed via the Internet.
– Determine the type and size of the drivers that were downloaded.

System Requirements:

Base game
OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 (64-bit version only)
Processor: 3.4 GHz Intel Core i5-3570
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband internet connection
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible
Storage: 3 GB available space
Additional Requirements:
Both Xbox 360 and PS3 controller required
Installation of USB drivers

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