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Recover files that are deleted or corrupted and save the lost data immediately. The file manager can be set to view the files in one click, so you can delete the files or view the files only. The data can be recovered in full, in part, or in nothing.
• Set the scan process for faster or slower speed.
• Combine the file list with many criteria (File name, File size, Date of file creation, Date of file last modified, File location)
• View file information (file name, Date of file creation, Date of file last modified, File size)
• View file properties (file name, Date of file creation, Date of file last modified, File size)
• View file size in bytes
• Hide files that need to be hidden (It only can hide files that have a extension that doesn’t begin with “.” and “..”)
• Hide files without extension or files that don’t have a extension
• Select all visible files and hidden files (This time only can select all files, hidden files and files that has no extension)
• Invert selected files
• Hide files that are deleted
• View file location
• View file size in MB, GB and TB
• View file description
• View file creation date
• View file last modified date
• View File last access date
• View file and directory permissions
• View drive information
• View volume information
• View local drive information
• View network drive information
• View FTP server information
• View SMB server information
• View Floppy disk information
• View Flash memory information
• Display files in the folder and volume
• Search files by name, size, date of last modified, creation date and date of last access date
• Sort by File name, File size, File creation date, File last modified date, File last access date, File Location and File permissions
• Save Search results in the same folder or in a different folder
• Shortcuts: Add a shortcut to the Windows Desktop to open this application
• Start/Stop the scan process
• When the scanning process is completed, the results will appear on the window
• The application can automatically adjust to minimize the windows when the user navigates to other applications
• The scanned directory tree can be saved to a file for further copying
• The results can be saved to a file for further copying to another storage media
• The results can be copied directly to the Windows Desktop

Portable Recover Files PC/Windows

Portable Recover Files Free Download is a utility for recovering files from the hard drive of any Windows computer.
It scans for files, uploads data to the Recover Files online database and gives you a detailed list.
You can recover lost or damaged files, restore WAV, WMA, MP3 and PDF files from hard drive partitions of any Windows operating system.
Portable Recover Files is a lightweight application that will not break your computer or cause any permanent changes.
After the scan, Portable Recover Files displays the path of each file in the database.
Then you can preview the recovered files and recover them.
Also, Portable Recover Files facilitates the management of memory-intensive scans by giving you the option to set different settings and stopping them when they reach a certain size.


You can scan any Windows hard drive

It can recover files from hard drive partitions

It can recover files from many file systems

It has a good functionality and user interface

You can recover files to any file format

It can also scan and recover photos (e.g. JPEG)

It is easy to install and use

It supports Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Trial version is free

It has a good support team


It requires a high Internet speed

It does not support other operating systems

It does not allow you to recover many file types
How to Crack?
1. Download the Crack from below.
2. Run the setup file and go through the installation wizard.
3. Navigate to the download folder and copy the portablerecoverfiles.exe and paste it in its corresponding folder.
4. After that run the crack to activate the License key
5. Done.

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Portable Recover Files PC/Windows

Recovers files from formatted hard disk partitions, including FAT, NTFS, and exFAT.

Recovers files from removable drives.

Recovers files from flash drives, removable card readers, CD/DVD and removable hard drives.

Recovers files from network drives.

Recovers files in ISO files.

Recovers files from tapes, floppy disks, and other old storage media.

File information, including file name, size, and location, is shown for each recovered file.

Recover and recover files


12 Useful Windows Disk Recovery Tools

12 Useful Windows Disk Recovery Tools

12 Useful Windows Disk Recovery Tools

These are the 12 best disk recovery tools you can use to get your data back, in case of any Windows hard disk failure:
Recover My Files –
Recoverly –
I.E.E.F.u. –
Camtasia –
RecoveryPowerTools –
Dr. Data –
Inpaul Pro Bono –
Freeware Copyright – ‘m downloading the trial versions of these programs for the first time to see how they work. There’s always a risk of data loss after a crash but if you want to have the highest chance of success, these disk recovery tools are designed to get you as close to a successful result as possible.
The trial versions of these programs will convert the disks directly out of the FAT into the Linux file allocation table format. The next program to use will be the rescue data partition where the recovery program can go back into the hard disk and get the data. After that, I will try to fix the master boot record (MBR) with a partition table which has been stitched back together, utilizing a combination of the Free und Pro versions of the program.
I won’t be able to test the tools or do any of the data recovery tasks

What’s New In?

Recover files easily with this wonderful portable file recovery software. Use this powerful scan tool to recover files even after they have been deleted or formatted. Recover files, documents, music, videos, pictures, and more. Let’s start the search. It will quickly complete the scan. Just preview the listing and select files to recover.

What’s new in this version:

– New enhanced user interface (UI).

– New advanced filter option.

– Improved performance.

– New options to control the scan.

Review Recover Files

Dear all,
Please help me to reinstall this application in my Windows 8 system. Although I got the download of it I can’t find any way to install it. It says “this program can not be run on Windows 8”. Please help to reinstall. It is very important for me to recover some files that I forgot before my PC booted.
Thank you all in advance.

I’m a young man who uses this software for ten years. It is working well. And I decided to give it a fresh look and make it better, while using the application to user. It’s working OK. But because of my commitment, I have to improve the performance on the user experience. I would be pleased if you can improve this application, as well as the user interface.
Best Regards,
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System Requirements For Portable Recover Files:

Requires a 64-bit processor (x86 or x64) and 2GB RAM (4GB if the user account is Administrator on Windows 10).
Requires an active internet connection for the client installation files to be downloaded.
Windows 7 and Windows 8 (either 32-bit or 64-bit) are supported.
Windows Vista and Windows 8.1 are supported.
Requires OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later.
Java SE 6 or later is required for client applications.


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