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Pyro Musical Fireworks Center Torrent

This is a professional firework center (PMFC) software. It enables the user to keep an accurate record of the real time of the firework shows, so that you can record any elements of the shows and then transfer those recordings to your computer.

・6 hours of recording time
・Possibility of numbering each show in the list
・Repeat recording until manually ended
・User-friendly interface
・Possibility of changing the recording time between songs
・Possibility of adjusting the volume of each track individually
・User-friendly editing (using the mouse)
・Repeat recording while the firework show is playing
・Possibility of making copies
・Change the playback order from the start to the end of each show
・Possibility of stopping or starting the firework show
・Possibility of allowing or disallowing the replay of the show
・Recorded data can be saved to CD-R media
・Supports 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit audio
・Possibility of applying different sample rates and sample depths
・Possibility of setting the keyboard shortcuts for common commands
・Flexible tracks (melody, sound, SFX)
・Broadens the possibility of recordings for possible applications, such as: production, travel, DVD-recording, video…
・It’s compatible with any computer platform, Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix
・Possibility of recording the shows in high-quality MP3 or WAV files
・Clickable switches
・User-friendly editing
・Possibility of separating or joining tracks
・It’s possible to choose the source of the sound: CD-ROM, digital audio tape (DAT), MP3 or WAV
・Optimized for Windows XP with no need for a particular OS or other requirements
・Supports and Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 (both 32bit and 64bit)
・Supports the virtual drives (C:\, D:\, E:\, F:\)
・Supports 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit audio
・Supports the 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit audio standards
・Supports any sound card (built-in or not)
・Supports any MIDI Controller or keyboard
・Possibility of rearranging all tracks
・Supports any number of tracks (from 1 to 144)
・Supports any number of effects (from 1 to 8)
・It’s possible to select any

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Universal music player/server made for iOS, the sound format of which can be automatically detected by the device and automatically converted.
Ease of use and user-friendliness; With only one button, the application is connected directly to the iPhone or iPod touch. As for the iPad, the sound files are automatically converted into the correct type through iTunes or the iOS music player; but you can also simply drag-and-drop the sound files onto your device or connect an external music player through the application. All formats supported by iTunes, Music and Video, MP3, MP4, AAC, WAV, OGG, FLAC, AU, AIFF, M4A and many more are all supported.
Whether embedded in an iPod or iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone or computer application, iPod Control Center has everything you need to use your music player or computer.

This electronic control board is used for the electronic management and triggering of stage lighting and sound devices, such as RGB WDM (white light emitter), GT-5 (Gree lasers) or LNP (liquid nitrogen) emitters.


High flexibility: with a single pre-defined channel, you can connect any number of video cameras, car diodes, infrared sensors or light intensity detectors.
The LED light can be dimmed in real time.
The LED light can be triggered in real time, even in situations where there is no voltage to supply the stage lighting system.
The LED light can be controlled with video (CVBS) or TTL video signals.

The main frame of the LED control unit consists of a nonconductive lightweight plastic panel to which a printed circuit board is attached.
On the printed circuit board, the interface of the controller is divided into two sections: the logic section and the sensor section. The first consists of an encoder, a decoder, a selector, and a microcontroller. The sensor section contains 16 channels for each type of sensor. The position and the setting of the type of sensor are determined by the lighting board software.


High reliability: with a single pre-defined channel, you can connect any number of video cameras, car diodes, infrared sensors or light intensity detectors.
The LED light can be dimmed in real time.
The LED light can be triggered in real time, even in situations where there is no voltage to supply the stage lighting system.

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– The main page
– The selection soundtracks
– The configuration area
– The wave file selection
– The compilation of the wave files, the possibility of downloading
– The compilation of the wave files, the absence of preview in the button “add”
– The compilation of the wave files, the absence of preview in the button “add”

Modern Fireworks (English) is the first creation published on the website of third-party developers KK Software.
Modern Fireworks is a digital version of the catalogue of fireworks by Kamikuzi. This is a catalogue of fireworks designed with special attention to the needs of pyromusical players.
The system enables 2D image presentation of a fireworks show using premade frames. This kind of presentation has the advantage of allowing for quick and easy editing, as well as constant and quality control.
Since the start of the project, the system received excellent reviews and modern award medals, and a series of revisions has been made to the original proposal. With these improvements the system is able to provide players with greater functionality and greater visual assistance.
In addition to being able to store fireworks with various images, you can create your own fireworks by adding new fireworks and modifying those found in the catalogue. The system also makes it possible to publish your fireworks and share them with other users.
Modern Fireworks can be used with the Pyro Musical Fireworks Center, thus enabling the transfer of the fireworks to the computer and storage using the PMFC’s storage system.
Modern Fireworks (English)

Magic Sound is a PC-based software system for PyroMusical performances.
The key difference between Magic Sound and other programs is that it features realistic sound effects.
Magic Sound is an effective and essential tool for both amateur and professional pyromusical performers.
Users can create music, design a show or play their own sound effects, and more through the use of the system.
In addition, users can synchronize shows using Magic Sound and the Pyro Musical Fireworks Center.
The audio files are saved to a CD-ROM, allowing them to be used in any hardware or software installation.
Anyone who wishes to use a Pyromusical may use this system.
Magic Sound

Pyromusical Fireworks Center is a complete system for creating, designing, performing, and synchronizing pyromusical shows.
Pyro Musical Fireworks Center Description:
– The main page
– The configuration area

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MP3 DJ software: Effectively records the whole music, automatically compares the music to the original music, automatically analyze the melody, automatically check whether all the music have been recorded correctly, and the results of the song we can be customized.

MP3 DJ Software Component: You can

System Requirements:

* The maximum number of players per server is 1.0.0
* A monitor with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher, for each player.
* An external graphics card is recommended.
* An optical disc drive is recommended.
* The monitor and audio settings will be adjusted so as not to interfere with other players.
* You will be able to enjoy the game with your friends using a couch co-op mode!
* A PlayStation®4 or higher is required to play the PS4 version

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