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QuantumDC is a DirectConnect client that supports the NMDC, ADC, and QSDC protocols. It’s intended as an alternative to the popular DC++ and not based on any version of DC++ or its derivative works.







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What is new in 2.0

– Double the size of the download.

– added network info for the destination host.

– bug fixing (gdb, rtsp, protocol)

Known Problems:

Note to developers:

To enable the ZSND audio codec, setup the options for the app binary under the audio setting under Target’s advanced section.

Check the order of the ports by the display name, if the DC protocol tries to connect using ports that are out of order the app will crash.

Version 2.01 of QuantumDC Free Download was released today and contains a new feature: DNS Lookup. You can now specify the DNS server that the DC client will use to resolve host names. To get it to work properly, you will need to make sure the DC server host name matches the DNS server name or all other clients on the network will fail to connect.

Now that working and debugging are done, there is at least one thing that needs to be worked on. Although developers have been talking about it since release day 2 months ago, I haven’t seen an explanation that makes sense. When debugging, I’m told that I’m somehow allowed to access the client from a larger set of IP’s but I need to know why. I’ve tried everything I can think of and no one has explained this so it’s time to put my thoughts on paper. This is something that is needed to be done in advance of the upcoming release, so it’s probably not quite ready yet.

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QuantumDC Free Registration Code X64

QuantumDC is a direct client for the NMDC, ADC, and QSDC networks. It was built for people who don’t use DC++, but want to share digital media.

QuantumDC provides basic support for listing, browsing, and sharing digital media. It supports all types of digital media files: images, videos, audio, software, documents, and whatever else you want to share.

It runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7. It runs on a PC and a laptop. It also runs on a server, because some people like to put their media server on a server.

It is a multi-threaded client, so it can use the full power of a modern multi-core machine.

Unlike DC++, QuantumDC is freeware. You can try it out for a full 30 days without paying. If you enjoy it, buy a license.


QuantumDC can list files in a folder. You can even select files (and folders) at a glance using tags.

You can create your own folders (QuantumDC automatically recognizes audio and video files that are named “music”, “movies”, etc.).

You can create and delete folders.

You can rename (or change the icon for) a folder (either with or without the media files).

Once a folder has been created, files can be added. There are two ways to add media files to a folder. You can copy the media file(s) to the folder, or upload the files. Copying is a slow, difficult operation (especially with large video files). Uploading is an easy way to add media files to your folder.

To upload media files to a folder, choose “Upload” from the “Folder” menu. You will be prompted for the location of the file you want to upload. After the file has been uploaded, the “Uploaded” tab will show all the files that have been just uploaded.

The uploaded files can be viewed by drag-and-dropping them onto the “View” tab. A window will open and show the metadata for the uploaded files. You can also choose to download media files (instead of uploading them).

To manage your folder, you can drag-and-drop media files from the “View” tab to the “Move” or “Delete” tabs. You can also rename, or change the icon for, a media file

QuantumDC Crack Free Download

QuantumDC is an alternative DirectConnect client and server which provides
several protocols not found in DC++.

I think it’s nice and useful to create a small simulation program for direct connection. Many direct connection chatting programs are able to convert a text file into a game. Through this way, I was impressed about my new found nickname.
Then the first thing that comes to my mind is, what has to be done in order to create a new simulation program and how I have to continue.

What I want to do :
I want to create a simulation program for direct connection.
How to do this :
I really don’t know. I don’t know anything about java.

And so, I can only ask a question about a problem.
If somebody can help me, I will be truly grateful.


There is a java library at github.com that supports multiple protocols and appears to be aimed at creating simulation software for direct connection.

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What’s New In?

QuantumDC is a DirectConnect client that supports the NMDC, ADC, and QSDC protocols. It’s intended as an alternative to the popular DC++ and not based on any version of DC++ or its derivative works.
QuantumDC Features:
* X-Box controller support
* Runs on XBox with latest OS
* Supports.xboxrpk,.xbox360pk
* Supports HMAPI
* Supports P2P games
* Supports MC and MC controls
* Supports all racing games, flying games, obstacle courses, and weather games
* Supports Codemasters racing games such as F1, Test Drive, RUGROSE, WRC, AFL, FRiendlies, Skywire, and more!
* Supports Codemasters F1 Challenge on Xbox Live.
* Supports Codemasters NASCAR on Xbox Live and various Codemasters self-published games
* Supports Codemasters Rain, Snow, Lightning, Fog and Airfield on Xbox Live.
* Supports long live games such as Firestorm: Second Impact (Real Racing, Codemasters)
* Suppports Google Maxis games
* Supports traffic and weather
* Supports the hard to find B7 Racer Network
* Supports new back-compat with.xboxrpk and.xbox360pk files.
* Supports MC controls
* Runs on an XBox with latest OS
* Supports the contents of the user’s hard drive
* Option to auto-update your games and applications
* Supports.xboxrpk,.xbox360pk
* Supports PS2 games
* Supports PS3 games
* Supports WGL (Windows Game Loader)
* Supports the ability to upload tracks and maps to a web server
* Supports the ability to download game updates from online web servers
* Supports the ability to make online chat chat rooms
* Supports the ability to add your own avatars
* Supports the ability to add your own song packs
* Supports the ability to find other users’ avatars
* Supports the ability to embed your own song packs
* Supports the ability to find other users’ song packs
* Supports the ability to embed song packs
* Supports the ability to upload your own icon packs
* Supports the ability to upload your own icon packs
* Supports the ability to edit the skin (desk skin) of other users
* Supports the ability to modify skins
* Supports the ability to

System Requirements For QuantumDC:

Supported Display Resolution:
Microsoft recommends that the system be configured for the standard display resolution of 1366×768. For support of higher resolutions and a wider color gamut please consult your system vendor.
Minimum CPU:
Dual-Core Intel Core2Duo @ 2.4 GHz or higher, or equivalent
Dual-Core Intel Core2Duo


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