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QuickLogin is a handy little utility for anyone that wants to save the burden of entering login details to multiple websites every time they want to use them.

WebCamBasic is a very simple webcam software application. It is designed to be so easy to use that even people who don’t have much computer experience can use it.
WebCamBasic Features:
✓ Basic and functional utility tool.
✓ Zero system requirements.
✓ Compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Easy USB Flash Drive Sync is designed to synchronize files from the USB Flash Drive. This software is capable to recognize both formatted and unfatalled drives and you can use it with two or more USB flash drives. It is very easy to use and has interface that everyone can understand.
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Transferring files between two computers is no longer a difficult task with the help of the internet. With the use of the Internet one can upload and download files from another computer.
Now everyone has their own USB Flash drive and it has become very common to transfer files between two computers.
EasyTransfer is a great utility software to transfer files between two computers. It has two major features. First is the ability to transfer large files over networks like FTP, and it has image viewing and instant messaging capabilities like a regular chat software.
With the second feature, you can upload your content files to a website or blog, and your site visitors will be able to download the files from the website.

It is a free, easy-to-use Web hosting management tool. You can set up a virtual hosting environment (with multiple accounts for your website) and use the web control panel to start, stop, restart or terminate the hosting environment’s services, create new accounts, edit existing accounts and view the accounts’ usage history.
Website Builder is a web server control panel which is designed to simplify web development. You can create a free account of the site owner and manage it easily.

FTP2000 is an easy-to-use FTP server designed to manage your Web hosting servers. You can share files, folders, and upload your content to the FTP server with ease. Create multiple FTP user accounts to manage your Web servers and enjoy unlimited free space and bandwidth for your FTP server.
It is very easy to use and you can test it before buying to make sure that it is compatible with your hosting server and its software.

Combust2 is a massively multiplayer online game simulator. It will behave

QuickLogin [Win/Mac] [Latest] 2022

The only program to stop websites from logging you out and controlling which websites you log in.
Auto-suspend and resume after every 120 minutes
Many hundreds of websites are saved to a QuickLogin file
Lets you control how often you log into your websites, saves you time when websites login
Support of many languages – English, Spanish, French, and German
The website you are currently using is not logged into
This is an anonymous website, but not safe
you can still use a lot of websites

Did You Know?

There is a password cracker available which can guess passwords for the websites in the Password Manager feature as they appear as plaintext.

System Requirements

Windows Vista or later

Download Free Extended 30 Days Trial Version

You can download a free trial version of Password Stronger for 30 days. You may cancel this free trial anytime.

Download file is an.exe file and does not require any installation. Just copy the downloaded file anywhere you want.
The installation process takes a few minutes.

After you download the file,
You can install it using a double click on the file
or from the Windows desktop by choosing the “Open” on the downloaded file.


Note:All the steps given below are for Windows users only.

Start your Windows system in safe mode.

Start your MS Word and open ‘Help and Support’

Open ‘Actions’ tab and start typing ‘Window’ in the search box.

Choose ‘Add-ins’ from the list.

Click ‘Window’ tab to open the developer tools menu.

Click ‘Load Add-ins’ and choose the ‘DesktopShield’Add-ins file on your computer.

Click ‘Yes’ on the next dialog box.

Now the ‘DesktopShield’ add-ins will load.

Close the ‘Window’ and click on ‘Windows Lock’ icon present on your MS Word toolbar.

Select ‘Personalize’ from the drop down menu as shown in the image.

You will see ‘Settings’ icon as shown in the image.

Click on ‘Set Theme’ as shown in the image.

The current theme will now be changed.

Click on ‘OK’ button to select the new theme.

Click ‘OK’ button to close the ‘Personalize’ window.

Click ‘Cancel’ on the ‘Change DesktopShield

QuickLogin License Key Full

Want one-click login to your favorite websites? Then QuickLogin is for you. Access all your accounts and websites in just one click, including website login, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail, Hotmail, and etc.
With QuickLogin, it’s easy to manage multiple accounts and websites. They all can be accessed together within one panel.
Besides, QuickLogin also supports proxy authentication (proxy and socks5), SSH and others.
Your password, username, and IP info are never stored in memory. Your password is encrypted in any platform.
Key Features:
■ Directly access to websites, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, YouTube, Hotmail and more
■ Proxy, socks5, and SSH authentication support
■ Multiple accounts support, single click to access
■ Auto login, auto close
■ Basic UI for all platform
■ QuickLogin files are encrypted into accounts
■ Password auto update
■ Can automatically update credentials by the agent when changed
■ Over 120 minutes auto close time for single login
■ Direct access to accounts and websites
■ Work with all platforms that support Agent.
■ With the secret window, multiple QuickLogin files can be synchronized in real-time
You can get it FREE forever and as a premium version for 12 months. Users can renew.
*The app stores may require you to sign in to your Microsoft Account (or Apple ID) to read stories and use other services.
Learn more about this release in the official release notes.
Learn more about this app in the official website:
Learn more about the app in Google Play:

Learn more about the app in Apple Store:

Please give any suggestions or feedbacks about the app in the below forum topic.

Web developer assessment

Hey everybody.
Check out this video about my web developer assessment. I got 90/100 so I’m quite happy. I got all 100 in web essentials (firebug, firedebugger, resource monitor, network monitor) as well.
I’m planning on doing an audio assessment about money, use, and worth of stackoverflow.
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What’s New in the?

Progressive, intuitive, powerful and customizable, the GLF QuickLogin login manager is an invaluable tool for every Internet user who has to manage multiple login credentials for a variety of websites and forum accounts. By using the standard Windows interface, it is possible to add, edit, delete websites, and get access to your accounts instantly from any computer. In case you’re browsing the Internet and you decide to login to a new website, it will save the current website for you so you don’t need to re-add it in your QuickLogin file.
Furthermore, the GLF QuickLogin file is automatically closed after several hours of inactivity, so it is possible to stop wasting resources as long as you prefer. The program comes in free and can be extended in time and/or amount of websites without the need of an Internet connection.
This is just an Internet tool, so you need an Internet connection.
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After the release of Ubuntu 18.10 Eoan Ermine (Eoan Ermine) which was supposed to be supported for just nine months, Canonical has just pushed out Ubuntu 19.04 Focal Fossa, the latest Ubuntu LTS release.

Ubuntu 19.04 Focal Fossa is based on the Linux kernel 5.3.7, designed for newer hardware and also runs on servers and data center desktops and workstations, replacing Ubuntu 19.04’s default kernel version 4.15.0.

The latest LTS release of the popular Ubuntu distribution has been making headlines recently over support issues that have impacted the distribution. For example, community members noticed that the new version of the Linux kernel broke networking and NFS features.

If the default keyboard and mouse input cannot be configured, then the default setting in the BIOS/UEFI will show up. For this, there’s two solutions. The first solution for them is to temporarily disable the fastboot interface from the BIOS settings.

“This one is for those who have no clue as to what they are doing. In this

System Requirements For QuickLogin:

Requires full 4K support on both the host and the guest.
Note: Windows 10 Anniversary Update and later with 10-bit color displays are recommended for optimal experience.
Host Memory: 8 GB+
Video Card: NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible GPU or NVIDIA G-SYNC Ready (e.g. GeForce GTX 1060 3GB or newer, or Quadro M4000 or newer)
Guest Memory: 4 GB+
VRAM: 2 GB (or more)
DDR3 Memory: 1333 MHz


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