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It is time to have some fun and act like an awesome superhero to save the world from cyber criminals. CyberAttack Deluxe is a highly popular and action-packed mobile game where you get to defend the world from cyber attacks. In CyberAttack Deluxe, you play a skilled, well-trained and dedicated cyber sleuth, who is determined to find out the culprit and save the world.
The international police cyber team needs your help. They have recently discovered a new cybercrime ring, who hacked into hundreds of celebrities and governments’ websites and stole millions of dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies. You have to join the cyber squad and track down these cybercriminals by checking their hidden loot across the globe.
Find cyber loot in more than 10 countries in this action-packed adventure. Can you catch the cybercriminals and save the world?
• ACTION-PACKED BATTLE SYSTEM: Realistic controls and intuitive touch-based mechanics ensure you never run out of exciting fights and challenges. • CLASSIC RPG BOOST: Customize your cyber sleuth by upgrading your skills and unlock epic new features, while leveling up your weapon and enhancing your gear. • OUTDOOR SURVIVAL: Upgrade your Survival Gear to increase your strength, speed and special abilities. • EXPERIENCE STUNNING CASTLE VILLAGES: Designed by the acclaimed independent developer Blingstar Studios, these massive, vibrant locales are bursting with wildlife and beautiful architecture.
The best part? Your adventures are not limited to this world – you can dive into 100+ other mini-games and unlock new items from around the globe.
CyberAttack Deluxe Features:
• Upbeat, easy-to-learn gameplay
• Incredible graphics and realistic sound effects
• Clever progression system that gives you more experience points and new loot with every new level
• Awesome power-ups like the ability to turn invisible and even fly
• Over 100 different missions and mini-games, with a total of 25+ locations to visit
• Over 100 different mission types to choose from, and over 200 weapons, upgrades and special abilities to unlock
• Robust equipment and armor customization options
• Customize your Look with dozens of skins
• Over 30 different weapons to choose from, ranging from pistols and machine guns to rocket launchers and swords
• Flexible controls for both large and small screens
• Riveting story mode that plays out across multiple locations around the world
• Realistic social features: Players can help each other get

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KeyMacro is a browser extension, created by a company called ContextAware, that lets you generate strong passwords and check their strength by typing them into the keyboard.
How it works:
KeyMacro lets you generate a list of letters and numbers, and then lets you choose the length of the password by typing it into the extension. This way, you get a long password that consists of the first letter from every word in a given list. You can also add words, and even phrases, that make up your password. As an example, if you have created a list of words, you can type them into the extension, and it will generate a random password, of the desired length, that consists of at least one of the words.
Creating passwords with KeyMacro
To create a password, click on the “Generate password” button in the toolbar. You can also choose the number of characters in the password. To view your password’s strength, click on the “view” button. If you want to share your password with someone else, just click on the button “Copy password to clipboard” and then paste it into the other person’s extension.
Quickly check the strength of your passwords
If you click on the word “View”, the extension shows the strengths of the password you have just typed. You can scroll through your letters, and then decide which ones you want to use in the generated password.
You can also access the list of the last ten passwords you created. Clicking on one of them will take you to that password’s password strength view.
Anywhere in the world
If you don’t want to use a website’s address in the URL to access your login credentials, you can use the “send to address bar” feature to open a new tab, and then type in your password in that tab.
KeyMacro is a powerful password generator that will help you build strong passwords. The interface is clean and easy to use, and it is one of the only password managers to generate words instead of numbers. However, it does have its limitations. For example, you cannot generate a password that includes other languages’ characters.
What do you think about KeyMacro? Do you have any other ideas of how to create strong passwords? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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KEYMACRO is the world’s most versatile password manager. Add and organize all your login credentials, notes, preferences and customizations using the easy-to-use editing tool. Store and organize a password vault and sync it to all your devices and browsers, and access it from anywhere. Your preferences and customization are stored in a hidden menu bar. It’s simple, intuitive, and works fast.
KEYMACRO is designed to be:
✔️ Intuitive & fast
✔️ Powerful & flexible
✔️ Simple, easy, and powerful at the same time

With the Touch ID in iPhone 5s, Apple included a fingerprint scanner that can be used in various situations to authenticate or log into various accounts. There are plenty of apps on the App Store that support the Touch ID authentication feature of the iPhone. All of these apps aim to ensure that Touch ID is as secure as possible. Many apps also provide advanced security features and other functionalities to help users use Touch ID more effectively.
In this review, we will discuss some of the best apps for Touch ID on iPhone 5s. Most of them are either iPhone-only apps, or apps that have a universal version for both iPhone and iPad. It goes without saying that the apps won’t work with earlier models of iPhone, since Touch ID has been available since 2013 and they are quite pricey.
What Is Touch ID?
Touch ID is a fingerprint scanner built into iPhone 5s. You can use your fingerprint in place of your passcode to lock your device and open apps. It is as simple as holding your iPhone 5s near the sensor. You don’t need to unlock your device after unlocking with Touch ID. Once you put your finger on the sensor, the device will confirm your identity using your fingerprint. This is how the Touch ID functions.
There are a couple of prerequisites before you can use the Touch ID. First, you need to turn on your phone’s fingerprint sensor by going to Settings, Touch ID and Passcode.
Note: The Touch ID will only work if your iPhone 5s is paired with the same Apple Watch.
Here are some of the apps that can be used with Touch ID.
1. TouchID: A powerful Touch ID for iPhone 5s
While not available for iPhone 5, TouchID is now available for iPhone 5s owners. This app uses Apple’s Touch ID API to integrate Touch ID.
✓ Built-in fingerprint sensor

What’s New in the RememBear?

The Password Widget is a simple and quick way to access the passwords for the websites you use. No more typing in a password for every site and bookmarking them – just open the Password Widget and start typing. The password will automatically be pasted to your favorite web browser.
* Create, edit, and remove sites (URLs), passwords and bookmarks
* Import and export all sites and passwords to an XML file
* A quick and easy way to edit and re-use websites and passwords
* Quick access to the entire site and password list
* Backup, password protection and copy of your database in XML format
* Manage passwords with great speed
* Work with numerous browsers
* Keep track of your passwords (add them, export them, backup and import them)
* Enhanced security using AES encryption, incremental and special formats
* Select a password type (without character limit) and press the “Add Site” button
* Choose between “Password,” “Format,” “Password & URL,” “Password & URL & Bookmark,” “Exact Password,” “Exact Password & Bookmark,” “Exact Password & Url” and “Search the Web.”
* A new site can be added (simply type the URL or paste from the clipboard) and can be set as the default site.
* Import or export your entire site and password list to a file in the appropriate format
* Import or export your entire site and password list to an XML file.
* You can easily backup and restore your site and password list to a file or database
* A detailed description of the XML file format is provided.
* Quick backup of your site and password list in a click of the “Backup Password List” button.
* Quick recovery of your site and password list from a backup file or database.
* Add sites with great ease. Simply type the URL or paste from the clipboard.
* Work with multiple browsers and devices: from your desktop to your phone.
* Different security and backup options.
* Work offline.
* Works with bookmarks and has a bookmark support.
* Send us an email if you need technical support or have suggestions for new features.
* Check out our FAQ

-New Beta –
[?] Backup and Import from LastPass
-Support for new Import options

-Add support for LastPass’s new Secure Notes API (Beta)

System Requirements For RememBear:

CD Projekt RED’s Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that has been in the works for so long, the future is just a quick glimpse in the darkness. Despite the lack of concrete release date information, this is the first next-gen game that we know to be actually running on the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles. The specs for the game were revealed on the PlayStation website and the Xbox website, but are just a small window into what this game has to offer.
The game is going to require around 60 gigabytes of storage space, which

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