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“It’s like not caring,” one of the people said.

For some former employees, the name change meant losing an important part of their personal identification.

“I’m 100 percent into David, but it was very hard to tell myself to stop calling him that,” said a former manager, who spoke on condition of anonymity to avoid trouble with her former bosses. “Now I think it’s not a good thing, that he’s really trying to hide.”

At the same time, the company’s new name makes it easier to position itself in a crowded field. And it’s easier to Google without necessarily searching your own name first.

While Wolfrath said the company slot gacor terbaru will always be “David & Goliath,” it’s also a stepping stone into the big leagues.

“I think we’re looking at a 20-year run now,” he said. “But what we’ve done, we’ve doubled the company every year and we’re now at a major presence with around 700 people. We were still a family business, but now we’re a public company with a major presence.”

For his part, David Wolfrath doesn’t seem to mind.


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P&G to Sell Its Makeup Businesses

Publicis Groupe’s P&G has announced that it plans to sell its global beauty, personal care and home care businesses with an estimated annual retail value of $6.1 billion to Coty.

P&G’s beauty unit included brands such as L’Oreal, Klear and Playtex, while its home care division included brands such as Brita, Mr. Muscle and Pampers, which would have a combined worldwide retail value of $5.6 billion. The home care division had revenues of $1.7 billion in 2011.

“These sale negotiations have been under active development for several months and have been a priority of the business,” said Richard Drevet, P&G’s chief financial officer. “We believe this transaction will maximize shareholder value and enable P&G to more effectively focus its capital to meet its growth plans.”

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Coty expects the transaction will close by September 2014, pending approval by P&G’s shareholders and other approvals, with an estimated cost of $11.50 per share.

P&G didn’t specify why it needed to sell these businesses. However, it might have to do with the fact that its two top markets, beauty and home care, are not moving as fast as it hoped (or expected).

“As fashion consumers increasingly shift to media, P&G has been looking for a source of growth. This business presents a growth opportunity to


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Tuesday, June 24, 2012

This and That – Passion Flower and Nettles

This week’s issue of Sunset, a Brazilian magazine that is more about lifestyle than the culture, has an article on my favorite flowers: Passion-flowers! In the article I have also been interviewed on the subject, which was of course posted in the magazine!In this issue there are also a few articles on a holiday I’ve been visiting for the past 40 years: Nettles on Friday. But not only have I written about this weekend’s excursion to the Rio Vermelho, I have also taken some pictures of the beautiful netted plants that grow in the mountains.

Here’s one of many from a trip to Vale do Rio Bonito, a picturesque farm in the Serra do Cipo. The farm is in the west of Rio Grande do Sul, close to the border with Argentina. The farm is on the outskirts of the Serra do Cipo Natural Park, with 400 hectares of forest full of diverse fauna and flora.

The species and varieties of nettles that are found in the Serra do Cipo are much better than the ones in most parts of Brazil, where they are usually wild and sometimes very unpleasant. They are much more pleasant in the parks, where there are large gardens full of edibles and medicinal plants. This particular garden is irrigated with water from the river.

The well-maintained grassland and the gardens on the riverside are “highways” for the local inhabitants, who frequently make trips up and down to see the verdant areas and to drink in the fresh mountain air.


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