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StackWalker is a sample extension of the.NET Framework for viewing a thread’s callstack. It’s not intended to be a complete implementation of a callstack walker.

StackWalker API:

.NET Framework Callstack Walking Functions, CallStackFrameToString(), CallStackGetFrames(), CallStackWalk(), CallStackWalk64()
.NET Framework IDiaStack API, GetThreadIDiaStack(), GetThreads()

You need to write the code for walking the Callstack by yourself, with the correct checking for the different kinds of errors, and collect all the frames you want to show to the end user.
You can use the long and complex StackWalker to properly handle asynchronous calls and some others Thread.Invoke/etc.

Hope this help!


There is a Windows SDK component, WinDbg, which can be used to do this, as well as for other debugging tasks. Its documentation lists a few samples that might be useful to you.
Specifically, the summary of one of the samples on using WinDbg to look at remote systems (using Remote Debugging Protocol) might be useful to you, since I know it’s been a common problem for me over the years, since my “favorite” debugging client is a Unix box.
Also, you may find it helpful to look at the Memory Analyzer tool, which is specifically designed to look at memory, and in particular, allocation/deallocation, which you mentioned as an issue.

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StackWalker is a library for tracking and inspecting callstack and callgrind debug information. It contains six main APIs:



This API is available only for x64 platforms, the function StackWalk64() works on any thread and it provides full callstack available to the app. Since the API works on any thread, it provides the opportunity to override ThreadContext as the startup value.


This API is available for x86 and x64 platforms. The function CallStack() provides the stack walk on a different thread. Since the API works on any thread, it provides the opportunity to override ThreadContext as the startup value.


This API provides the callstack of a service inside a domain machine. It is supported on x86 and x64 platforms. It is currently limited to monitoring calls made to COM objects and hosted in the local memory space.


This API provides the callstack of a thread in the current process (x64 only). It is limited to the current thread for security reasons.


This API provides the callstack of the thread of the context handle at which the callback is called. It is supported for x86 and x64 platforms.

// CallStackFromSmb is the API that allows you to inspect a callstack from a service on a domain.
StackWalker.CallStackFromSmb(svcName, userName, ref ThreadContext, callerFD);
// CallStackFromThread is the API that allows you to inspect a callstack of a thread in the current process.
StackWalker.CallStackFromThread(ref threadContext);
// CallStackFromApartment is the API that allows you to inspect a callstack from the context handle at which the callback is called.

For more information, you can refer to documentation and the code at GitHub.


If you want to intercept a function call, you can use the CreateToolhelp32Snapshot function and CaptureStackBackTrace, then implement your custom APIs to get the call stack. See Stackwalking in EnumerateProcessThreads

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Similar to similar existing StackWalker, with a few major differences.

StackWalker is a tool and not just another API. It combines already existing functionality in a new layer.
StackWalker is easy to use and you don’t need to know how the operating system works: it does it for you.
StackWalker was tested on many different Windows platforms including Windows Phone.
StackWalker comes with an associated API as well as documentation.
StackWalker uses.NET Core 2.1.
StackWalker is built on top of the Windows operating system and neither the operating system nor the APIs involved are compromised.
StackWalker uses only current.NET Core,.NET Standard or Windows APIs. No external dependencies.

.NET Framework Dependency – StackWalker.dll
StackWalker can be consumed with.NET Framework 4.5.2. The installed version of.NET Framework 4.5.2 can be found on StackWalker GitHub repository under the Dependencies.

.NET Core Dependency – StackWalker.csproj
The components Microsoft.DotNet.Sdk.DotNetCore (Sdk > 2.1.0) and Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.MSBuild (Sdk > 2.1.0) required by StackWalker.csproj are already installed if you installed.NET Core SDK or you can install them easily via NPM:

Install.NET Core SDK from the link and install it to %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\packages\\2.1.3\Sdk.

Install Microsoft.DotNet.Tools.MSBuild from the link and install it to %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\packages\\2.1.3\Sdk.

Installation steps – StackWalker.csproj
If you want to install StackWalker.csproj, do it via Visual Studio by following these steps:

Download StackWalker.csproj.

Open StackWalker.csproj, modify ItemGroup to suit your needs.

Run msbuild StackWalker.csproj. (As a last step, you must also setup ‘Microsoft.Net.Sdk.Razor’ to ‘True�

What’s New In?

StackWalker is a small and fast threading debugger.
StackWalker looks up the thread stack frame at a given
offset into the executable and displays it. StackWalker
can follow through all the call stacks, including local and
remote threads, without requiring any additional information
from the program. StackWalker is highly optimized and can
correctly handle programs with infinite stacks (StackWalker
itself implements this behavior).
StackWalker can also handle code that allocates new
stack frames through other means (e.g. MSIL generation of new
stack frames).


Replace iteration with a function

I have two lists of different length. I want to compare their elements and replace the lower one with the higher one. I believe the following is the most appropriate way to do it:
numbers = [1, 2, 3]
string = “sdfdfsdsdsdfsdsdfsdsdfsdsdsdfsdsdsdfsdsdfsdsdfsdsdfsdsdsdsdfsdsdsdsdfsdsdsdf”

def replace_all(string, numbers):
new_string = ”
for element in string:
new_string += numbers[element] if element in numbers else element

return new_string

print(replace_all(string, numbers))

The problem is that this code returns not a new string, but a string with all the elements from the longer list. How to correct it? I think that the problem is that numbers is evaluated before the loop, so the inner loop will pick elements from the list during the loop


You need to change element to element[0], to make it get the value from the first index in numbers
new_string += numbers[element[0]] if element in numbers else element

Also, since the list is too long, you need to build strings from the strings instead:
temp = ”
new_string += numbers[element[0]] if element in numbers else element for element in numbers

for element in temp:
new_string += element
return new_string


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System Requirements:

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Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: nVidia GeForce GTS 450
Free Disk Space: 5 GB
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