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Super Unicode Editor is a useful and easy to use software solution that combines two important components, specifically a simple text editor and a hex editor, all in one package.
The program is sufficiently easy to understand and handle, as it allows you to open any document you want, despite it being create mainly for binary files which might contain Unicode characters in various formats, namely UTF-8, UTF-16 or UTF-32. As such, you can choose from several viewing modes from the 'Edit Format' menu, with 'Automatic' being the default setting, but also providing you with options like 'Text', 'Text With Markup' or 'Binary', depending on which one best suits your needs.
Super Unicode Editor can assist you in editing binary files just like a regular hex editor, but the difference is that it lets you view each individual byte in the document as a character. At the same time, it allows you to work with any Unicode text document as you would in other similar applications, for instance Notepad, offering multiple functions: 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Cut', 'Delete', 'Find', 'Replace', and others.
However, unlike other tools with similar functionality, Super Unicode Editor is capable of reading several Unicode formats. Additionally, rather than displaying a grid of bytes, the utility enables you to view and edit files that feature a grid of symbols of variable length as individual characters, highlighting the one you are currently hovering over so you can distinguish it easier.
Aside from being able to view multiple Unicode formats, Super Unicode Editor can also convert them, as a whole, into several other formats, namely: 'Codepage', 'UTF-8', 'UTF-16', 'UTF-16 Big Endian', 'UTF-32', 'UTF-32 Big Endian' and 'Source Code'.
To conclude, Super Unicode Editor is a interesting and reliable application that can easily assist you in modifying binary documents, functioning both as a text and a hexadecimal editor that features numerous functions and options to help you in your work.









Super Unicode Editor Crack Activation Code [April-2022]

Simplifies working with Unicode-formatted files like Windows NT/2000

View, edit, convert and manipulate files with Unicode characters

Features an intuitive interface that is easy to use

Converts Unicode files into more than 14 different file formats

Unicode Manages files with more than 1 million characters


The main feature of Super Unicode Editor Cracked Version is that it helps you in opening and reading Unicode-formatted binary files.

Since it does not contain any built-in conversion functions, the utility will instead ask you to save your document in one of the formats it has detected. The availability of this feature makes Super Unicode Editor Activation Code a perfect solution for working with Unicode-formatted binary files and vice-versa.

The program can convert Unicode files into 14 different file formats. You can easily change the file types to include the following:

The main difference between Super Unicode Editor and other similar tools is that the later is designed to display only the content of Unicode-formatted files without any help from the user.

Super Unicode Editor Review at REV:


Conclusion Super Unicode Editor is an easy to use text and hex editor that enables you to view and work with Unicode-formatted files in a simple manner. It is capable of working with various Unicode file formats, supports multiple conversion functions, enables you to edit binary files, and offers several viewing modes. As such, it can be considered as a useful tool that can assist you in performing numerous tasks with Unicode-formatted files, especially in the Windows operating system.

Even though the program comes highly recommended, it is no doubt that it is far from perfect. There are some problems that we found while using it, for example, the help file that accompanies the program fails to provide any information on how to convert Unicode files in the “UTF-16” format. Another drawback is that Super Unicode Editor cannot perform searches in a specific range of characters.


Conclusion Super Unicode Editor is a well-made and well-documented text and hex editor that provides you with all the tools you need to manipulate Unicode-formatted documents. Since it is designed to handle Unicode files, it can be considered a useful tool that you can rely on in order to perform numerous tasks with this type of file.


Since Super Unicode Editor comes with a trial version for free, you can go ahead and try it out by simply downloading the

Super Unicode Editor Crack Activation Code With Keygen

Super Unicode Editor is a powerful tool that gives you complete access to a wide variety of binary files that feature an abundance of Unicode characters. For instance, you can open an image file that contains a list of Unicode characters, and viewing them as individual characters, as you would in other applications, is possible thanks to the program’s custom interface that features two views, one for viewing and one for editing.
As the program is mainly used to open binary files, you can also use its functions to convert them from one format to another, or to view them as a grid of bytes, one byte at a time, with the possibility of also working with files that are in the source code format.

Super Unicode Editor Updates & Reviews – Most Popular Version – Features:
View a wide variety of Unicode Documents
Most popular version: 1.36.005 – Download for Windows, Version 1.36.005 | Update File – Tuesday, March 3, 2015 | 191.54 MB.
Internet Explorer 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista/XP.

Super Unicode Editor Downloads

Here you can download Super Unicode Editor to open a wide variety of Unicode Documents. To open your preferred file type, select the application in the list on the left. Make sure to look into the various software categories on the right to find the right version of Super Unicode Editor.

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## Advanced CSS

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Super Unicode Editor Full Product Key

Click on Download button below to get Super Unicode Editor – Gold for FREE! This trial version of Super Unicode Editor is in demo mode. To buy the full version of Super Unicode Editor – Gold, please click on the link below, where you can also find other software of our site.
– Ability to display and read Unicode text files.
– Ability to convert Unicode text files to other formats.
– Easy to use interface.
– Useful features such as ‘Find’, ‘Replace’, ‘Substitute’, ‘Enter’, ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, ‘Paste’, ‘Undo’, ‘Redo’, ‘Print’, ‘Print Preview’, ‘Code View’, and many more.
– Supports Unicode version 4.0 for UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32.
– Supports popular Windows operating systems like Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
– Support for Unicode big-endian and little-endian.
– Ability to open multiple binary files, or a single file in different views.
– Ability to open files of any size.

Key Features:

– Ability to open any Unicode text files in Windows not only as a hex editor but as a simple text editor too.
– Unzip Unicode text files.
– Supports multiple Unicode data formats (UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32) with variable length byte definitions.
– Native Unicode support for Windows OS.
– Ability to edit other files without saving.
– Edit, read, save, and convert Unicode files.
– Ability to open multiple Unicode text files and convert them.
– Ability to open multiple binary files.
– Ability to open a single binary file in different viewing modes.
– Ability to edit multiple Unicode documents.
– Ability to open a file of any size.
– Ability to print documents, view printed pages and screenshot.
– Ability to open ASCII text files.
– Complete Unicode and ANSI compatibility.
– Supports Unicode big-endian and little-endian.
– Ability to open more than one format at once.
– Ability to show Unicode file content in the same font color.
– Supports Unicode version 4.0.
– Supports Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10.
– One-click to install and get started with no setup.

What’s New In?

Manage small size code files

Convert binary and code files to different format

Display codes characters with good and bad codes

Search and replace characters in binary and code files

Copy, paste, cut, delete any symbols and character from binary and code files

Print text files and binary files

View text files with lots of symbols or small size code files

Read Unicode / Unicode BOM file

Read aa file

Read a big endian file

View binary file with many character

Convert code and binary files to utf-8 and other format

Customize the number of characters to read for viewing

Choose to save the files to UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-16 little endian, source code and codepage

Choose to save the files to Unicode, Unicode BOM, UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, UTF-16 big endian, UTF-16 little endian and Source Code

The program is capable of dealing with a vast range of Unicode characters, in fact; it supports all utf-8, utf-16 and utf-32.
All of these are put in their specialised.dat files, and can therefore be viewed and edited within the standard data file viewer, which is pretty much why the program’s main use is as a binary file editor, though it does have a few additional features.
Beyond the various viewing options that it can offer, and the menu system itself, Super Unicode Editor’s editing functionality also contains a number of options for searching, replacing and removing symbols, all of which can easily be accessed with the ‘Options’ menu, including the option for ‘Unicode Highlight’ and ‘Normal Highlight’, where you can choose to show both normal and symbolic forms of the characters.
As the program operates solely in Unicode-enabled modes, so you can work with files that contain various Unicode characters, and be sure that you are able to read text files that contain symbols of variable length and possibly even be able to edit them, without the need of downloading any specific Unicode or Unicode-related codecs. To be frank, this in itself is one of the program’s key attractions, as it is capable of operating inside almost any environment; Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and various BSD variants.
Additionally, Super Unicode Editor is capable of working with both regular

System Requirements For Super Unicode Editor:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 (64-bit editions).
CPU: Dual core processor (Intel® Core™ 2 Duo, Intel® Core™ i3, or AMD Athlon™ II)
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 3 GB free hard disk space
Graphics: DirectX 9 graphics card with WDDM driver
Sound Card: Standard 3.5 mm audio plug-in compatible with DirectSound
Web Browser: Internet Explorer 11 (or newer)
Driver: AMD Catalyst

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