Video Duplicate Finder 2.10 (Updated 2022)

Finding and erasing dupes from your computer is amongst the most hectic and time-consuming task to account for when trying to gain more space. Then again, things do not have to get complicated if you have the proper tools.
As the name suggests, Video Duplicate Finder is a tool dedicated to identifying duplicate multimedia files and images using a similarity algorithm. What makes the app stand out is the fact that it also accounts for duplicates with different resolution, frame rate and even watermarked.
Include the folder to be scanned and start the analysis
The app does not require installation, but rather you can decompress the archive in the desired location on your drive. The interface consists of a two tabs window, one where you can access the settings and preview the results and another that acts as the log.
You can get started by adding the folders that you want to be scanned for duplicates and specify if you want to exclude subfolders, the read-only directories or images. Despite the name of the application, it is very capable of identifying duplicate images as well.
Following the scan, you can access the selection tool and specify which files you prefer to keep. You can delete the dupes, but you can also just remove the selected files from the list, copy to a new folder or save them as HTML.
Allows you to export the database videos to CSV
In case you want to create a list with the videos you have in your collection, then the program enables you to export the results to a CSV file for easier manipulation. The export can be done for the complete result or solely for the excluded files and can come in handy when you decide to organize your music collection.
All in all, Video Duplicate Finder is a straightforward utility that provides a simple and straightforward way to detect dupes and delete the obsolete ones so you can gain more space on your system.


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Video Duplicate Finder Activation Code is a simple and straightforward tool designed to identify and delete video dupes on your system. The program not only searches for duplicate video files and music tracks, but also for those with different resolution, frame rate, watermarks and audio information. It is very capable of identifying duplicates, so you can delete the duplicated videos without wasting time. Moreover, you can save the duplicates to another folder, save them as HTML or simply remove them from the list.

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Video Duplicate Finder is an application that removes duplicates from a folder. It can be used to scan a particular folder or selected videos in the database, and then remove all the duplicates from this folder or selected videos. It is a powerful application that helps in reducing storage space.
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What’s New In Video Duplicate Finder?

This software lets you search for duplicate files in a directory or a whole hard drive. Simple as that.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 or Windows Vista (SP1) SP2
RAM: 2 GB (32-bit)
Video: Microsoft DirectX 9, Shader Model 3.0
DLL: cwcjnsu.dll, puremagick.dll
Cursor: cwcjnsu.cur
Map 02
Map 03
Map 04
Map 05
Map 06
Map 07

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