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WebCopier Pro Crack 2022 [New]

Search and download the world’s best websites, from any website to your phone, tablet and PC.
WebCopier Pro is an efficient offline browser that copies and downloads the information from a user-specified website, storing it on your computer and allowing you to access it even when you are not connected to the Internet. This enables you to easily save your favorite magazines and newspapers or large amounts of study material from the Internet.
The program is very easy to use and its “New Project Wizard” guides you through every step, offering various tips on how to better use each feature.
In order to copy a website, you first have to name the project, then enter its URL address. If the site requires authentification, you have the possibility of entering your account information, specifically your username and password. Subsequently, you just choose an output folder and can start downloading.
After downloading the preferred website, you can browse through its files, search for a specific item, export the project to a ZIP archive or you can copy it to your iPhone / iPad. This way, even if you are offline, you can still go through your favorite website’s contents.
When copying, WebCopier Pro allows you to either ignore pop-up windows or show them in the main browser window, if it is the same domain. Furthermore, you can limit site and offsite links or add URL filters, offering you additional control over what to copy or skip.
The saved contents can easily be printed, so you can read them page by page, even without using a computer or tablet.
A useful feature of WebCopier Pro is the “Scheduler” that allows you to set a downloading project to occur at a specific moment, for instance when you watch a movie, so as not to interfere with your current activities.
Whether you do not always have an Internet connection or you would simply feel better knowing you have unconditioned access to your favorite websites, WebCopier Pro can easily provide you with what you need.

Version 1.2
Bugfixes for various problems in V1.1.
Improved automatic linking of source file content (ex: preventing duplicates)
Note: WebCopier Project Wizard does not do the linking for you

Version 1.1
This version adds the ability to copy, save and export files from any website onto your PC or to any location of your choice. You can also open downloaded files from all websites onto your desktop, and this is supported by any browser.

WebCopier Pro Crack+ [Latest 2022]

– Automatic browser for browsing and downloading your favorite websites
– You can save your favorite websites for later offline use
– Browse and download websites in the background
– Password protection for websites that require you to authenticate
– Many different sites you can choose
– Save the website you are browsing in a ZIP archive file for offline use
– You can save a website in your iPhone or iPad through the website itself
– Scan and filter websites
– No adware or malware.
– A useful scheduled downloader.
* 4.1 has some memory leak issues. We suggest 4.0.5.
What’s New in 4.0.5:
★ This version contains a few fixes for the Memory leak issues in 4.1.
* We keep upgrading and testing our apps, but it’s not always perfect. We apologize if you find any bugs. If you do, please contact us. Thanks for using our apps.

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WebCopier Pro Crack+

WebCopier Pro – a quality program designed specifically for users who want to save a website or article offline, as well as copy the contents from a website to different types of files, and print them
WebCopier Pro is the perfect tool for copying web sites and downloading parts of them. If you want to save a web page or any part of it for offline viewing, you just need to click on the “Copy link” button and open it.
You can choose to copy all or only a portion of the web page. You can even go through the article one page at a time.
You can then view the contents, view image size, download pages (if not blocked), export them to JPEG, PDF, a local folder, or to your favorite cloud service, and print them.
For example, you can make a PDF file from your favorite magazine or newspaper and then print it to read later, wherever you are.

Faster web browsing
Automatically optimize web sites for optimal performance, allowing you to read content faster
Capture and compress the web pages you load
Capture and transform any web page for creating more compact PDF files
WebCopier Pro Description:
WebCopier Pro is an offline browser that builds a set of websites to copy offline and speed up web page navigation
WebCopier Pro takes a set of websites and downloads them all as a single file, compressing the data. The result is a large file that you can install to any SD card.
When you open the offline browser, you can import websites from a number of sources: the web, your PC, an SD card, from a database, or from the cloud.
The browser downloads the sites to a virtual folder on your PC or a partition on the SD card, then it opens the websites and offers them in a Windows Explorer like interface. You can view the pages and read them, download only the part that you want to read later, or copy the entire folder to your PC, your SD card or other destination.
The browser also offers you several “automated” options, letting you browse through all of the websites in a certain way, for instance if they are all the same type of website, or if they all require authentication, or if they are part of a certain subject, etc.
Automatically convert web sites into one single compressed file
Download web pages, large files, or entire folders of them
Accelerates online browsing
Automatically transfer web pages to your

What’s New in the?

WebCopier Pro helps you to download anything from the Web right to your hard disk. In a few seconds you are given full internet access, so you can browse as you please. No wireless networks are needed.
Once your download is complete, you can open any document, view it, print it or send it via e-mail.
You can have complete access to all your favorite websites, which can be saved in your favorite folders on your computer. With just a few clicks you can save them to a local disk.
You can download the RSS feed of any page and save it in any folder. With just a few clicks, you can add any site to your favorites. WebCopier Pro is suitable for using in any OS, without any problem.
Key Features:

High-speed offline browser

Easy to use

Convenient scheduler

Fully customizable

Fully functional

Full internet access

Extensible API

All new interface

Much improved

WebCopier Pro

WebCopier Pro has all the features and benefits of the WebCopier Beta but features a new user-friendly interface. This updated version provides the ultimate offline browsing experience. WebCopier Pro offers all the functionality found on the WebCopier beta with a completely new user interface and styling. This changes the look and feel of the entire package. The WebCopier Pro is a vast improvement over the previous version.
There are now two versions of WebCopier, one for Windows users and another one for Mac users. Both programs offer the most extensive features found anywhere online. WebCopier Pro has a fresh interface and offers an easier to use interface. You can now control the settings even more and download more sites and more content on the go.
Currently, WebCopier Pro does not need an Internet connection or wireless network. After you set your download project up, you’re good to go and can even save pages and links for offline browsing.
What is New in WebCopier Pro Version 1.2.1:

Minor UI & Bug fixes

All in all, WebCopier is one of the most efficient offline browsers out there. The program can save any content type, including images, PDFs, HTML, ZIP files, among others. You can save each selected site to a specified location on your computer or elsewhere.
To save the project you need to go to the Output section and choose a location. You can even create a shortcut

System Requirements For WebCopier Pro:

OS: Windows XP SP3 or higher
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 2.66GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Hard Drive: 25 GB of available space
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460
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