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Watching YouTube videos or listening audio content while working or while performing other operations can be difficult, especially when several browser tabs are opened or, even worse, when multiple browser instances are being run. Youtube Browser App aims at providing users with the means to manage YouTube videos with ease and avoid clutter or chaos when working in multi-tab browser experiences.
Primary, browser-based interface that holds basic navigation controls
The looks of the program aren’t all that dashing, and besides its simple navigation controls, one might say that the layout is quite bland. There are two main “Back” and “Forward” buttons available for navigation, but no more than that.
Support for a “Home” button, customizable with a preferred YouTube channel or even a particular video could have been a much-welcomed addition. Furthermore, once browsing has taken place, there is no possibility to return to the initial page, since the app lacks a “Fast-forward” or “Rewind” feature.
The app’s lack of advanced features could be one potential drawback
Regarding actual features besides the rudimentary navigation controls, the app’s settings menu offers users three main options, for remembering window characteristics, the last visited page and an option for keeping the app “always on top”.
Since this is a browsing app, features for setting-up bookmarks and managing them would also be welcomed, together with the ability to work with multiple tabs. These drawbacks alone could be sufficient to bother users to the extent of searching alternatives.
A decent solution for people who wish to avoid clutter by mixing their YouTube experience with other browsing sessions
Keeping things organized and neat when using browsers for navigating the Internet can get quite hectic if one also wishes to watch YouTube videos at the same time, or listen to their respective audio content. Maintaining YouTube videos separately is what this software solution aims at offering, through a basic, browser-based interface.







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This is a Chrome-based application that allows users to manage and navigate YouTube, while avoiding overtaking the main browser interface and adding unnecessary clutter. Besides simple navigation, the app offers some other functionality that might seem like overkill at first, but it’s one of those things that make YouTube browsing much more convenient.
Chromium-based rendering engine, with Flash support
The project is based on Chrome’s Chromium-based rendering engine, which makes the software a solid choice among the myriad of Chrome-based browser apps out there. The downside of this is that Flash is not supported, but that can be forgiven, given that the target audience for this app is Google Chrome users anyway.
Simple navigation controls, “Home” button and settings options
The main interface of the Youtube Browser App consists of simple navigation controls in the upper left-hand corner. Right-clicking on the “Forward” and “Back” buttons opens the respective settings menus for selecting the user-defined YouTube channel or the preferred video.
From time to time, the scrolling speed of the YouTube page and the presence of the app in the application manager’s taskbar’s “Always on top” menu get into conflict, which can be fixed by simply closing the app.
A new “Next” button, based on the one available in Gmail, emerges from the “Forward” menu
Clicking on the YouTube app’s “Next” button doesn’t open a new page in a new tab, as is the case with the one in Google Chrome. It just ensures that the browsing progress is taken to the next video that one wishes to watch.
While this may seem like a minor feature, it can be a life-saver for users who are disorganized or prone to leaving a video playing in a tab out of their sight, leading to a significant loss of time if one has forgotten about the video in question.
Chromium browser is just a missing piece of the puzzle
The most significant limitation of the Youtube Browser App is that it only works with Google Chrome. It doesn’t support Chromium-based browsers such as Opera or Mozilla Firefox. This is a major drawback when compared to apps that work with other browsers, as it limits the user-base of the application and renders the app obsolete.

Chromebooks are gaining reputation due to their lightness, mobility and simplicity. But

Youtube Browser App Crack + Download [Win/Mac]

The Youtube Browser App, a Windows application that was originally developed for using while working in Internet Explorer, purports to offer users a plethora of tools for managing YouTube video and audio content.
Primary, browser-based interface that holds basic navigation controls:
The app’s most appealing quality, perhaps, would be its apparent simplicity. There are two main “Back” and “Forward” buttons, which can be used to navigate back and forth between browser tabs, as well as a “Home” button.
For being a simple app, however, the layout it takes seems somewhat bland, especially when compared with apps like Flash Player, for example. Of course, compared with them, the app is far from being advanced, and even though it has a “Settings” option, there is no possibility for browsing through a settings menu, for example, for managing the app’s user interface.
Aside from the navigation controls, there is also no “Fast-forward” or “Rewind” feature. All it offers are the aforementioned “Settings” and “Keeping-always-on-top” options.
Nevertheless, despite its simplicity, the app’s initial purpose, being able to watch videos while working in other browsers, might serve as a viable solution for avoiding clutter or chaos when using multiple browser tabs.
Support for a “Home” button, customized with a preferred YouTube channel or even a particular video could have been a much-welcomed addition:
Youtube Browser App Instructions:
An application that offers users the ability to watch YouTube videos and listen audio content while working or performing other operations, the Youtube Browser App is a basic, Windows application that has only three main features.
Primary, browser-based interface that holds basic navigation controls:
Besides offering a “Back” and “Forward” buttons for navigation within the app’s browser interface, there are also two main ones for navigating within YouTube. That is to say, for going forward and backward between browser tabs, as well as for moving forward and backward within a single browser tab.
While the first of the two main options might seem quite basic, the second one is a welcome addition, especially for those who would like to keep to a certain schedule when working in other browsers, such as whether working within the “morning” or “evening” hours.
For being such a simple app,

Youtube Browser App [Latest]

YouTube Browser App is a simple and organized desktop browser that allows you to work with YouTube for the better while giving you control over your browsing experience as well as multiple options for better visibility when working with multiple browser windows.
The app’s main window is clean, neat and orderly, and as a result users are given a good amount of space to work with for visiting YouTube and its videos.
One notable improvement over other apps is that the “home page” functionality is available, allowing users to access the YouTube homepage when the app is closed, instead of having to leave the browser and open the page manually. One additional useful feature is the app’s customizable “window settings” options, which allow users to set the app to always be in fullscreen mode, lock it, or even to never go into fullscreen.
In addition to working with YouTube’s videos, the app allows users to search for related videos by keywords, view related videos and even play videos. These types of features make up for a few shortcomings that would have bothered users.
It is also possible to browse other web pages by adding the respective URL’s to the app’s favorites list.
When it comes to YouTube video viewing, one thing that the app lacks is a “Fast-forward” or “rewind” option, something that is somewhat common on other apps. Another thing that could have been better is the inability of the app to remember browsing history once YouTube videos are played or an audio file is closed.
Youtube Browser App has the potential to be useful and convenient when working in multi-tab browser environments, however, the lack of advanced features could turn the app into a hindrance rather than a benefit, since users could find themselves stuck in a state where multiple tabs are open and cannot be closed.
Browsing YouTube videos or even other websites, using multiple windows could get quite tricky, if said windows don’t keep a tab on each other. If one is looking for simplicity and organization while working with videos on YouTube, the Youtube Browser App could be just the software that is needed to maintain said goal.

Youtube Browser App Features:
• Only one YouTube app running at a time
• Open tabs and YouTube video history
• Quickly access your YouTube favorites
• Access your favorite videos
• View videos of your choice
• Previews of your videos while downloading
• Adds YouTube’s most viewed video to your favorites list

What’s New in the Youtube Browser App?

YouTube Browser App acts as a browser plugin, enabling users to view, play and add annotations to YouTube videos, directly from their web browser. Features include:

Shows direct YouTube video links in your browser’s title bar as you select your favorite channels or find new videos

Stays open to view YouTube videos in your browser’s background

Lets you view, watch, and pause YouTube videos and the like without having to open up a YouTube tab. Youtube Browser App can be used with any browser

Maintains your open YouTube tabs across multiple sessions

Shows your currently watching YouTube video in the title bar

YouTube Browser App also includes handy bookmark management, allowing users to watch their favorite videos later by bookmarking them. Users can drag and drop the links directly to their browser bookmarks.

All in all, the basic functions offered by the app are pretty easy to understand, and are easy to navigate as well. The overall design may be lacking a bit, but the app is fast and effortless to use, as long as one uses the basic features.

The software starts by asking for your username and password, after which it will automatically update its YouTube favorites and videos.

Youtube Browser App supports right-click and keyboard shortcuts to minimize the need for you to click through each YouTube channel or a selected video.

Some sort of YouTube extensions could be added to enable users to perform certain actions on YouTube videos with one click. Youtube Browser App could be one of such extensions.

Multiple browsers could be used simultaneously, as long as a common YouTube experience is desired

Youtube Browser App is easy to use, and offers features only of a browser

The program is compatible with most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera

The software does not work with any other websites aside from YouTube

The software does not work with Google Chrome

The software has a minimalistic look and doesn’t offer any advanced features, but can be used to organize a user’s YouTube browsing and watch videos from one source.

Youtube Browser App is a browser extension that enables users to view YouTube videos from your browser’s title bar. The program also lets users bookmark YouTube videos, as well as play videos in the background. Youtube Browser App supports right-click and keyboard shortcuts to minimize the need for you to click through each YouTube channel or video.


Users can bookmark videos, but not view their

System Requirements For Youtube Browser App:

The following are minimum system requirements for the PlayStation®3 system to run the game:
Windows Vista or later
2.4 GHz or faster processor (Dual Core)
2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
2 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 9.0 or later
DVD-ROM drive or equivalent
Blu-ray Disc or equivalent
Windows 7 or later
2.6 GHz or faster processor (Triple Core)
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
2 GB

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